How to Build a Better Picnic Table ISBN 1-4243-0963-8
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This is not your average picnic table
My goal was to design a better picnic table.
This booklet includes plans for building both tables.
This Picnic Table is already being used around the world by Homeowners, Schools, Colleges & Restaurants.

Two 8ft Picnic Tables - Function Table -w- Bench, Salad Oil Finish - other unfinished

  • It's Handicap Accessible
  • It's Easy to Build and Kits are Available
  • It has No Exposed Screws on the Table Top
  • It's Easy to Move around the yard
  • It Stands-Up for Easy Cleanup and Storage
  • 8ft Picnic Table Unfinished

    This table is Handicap Accessible
    This unique picnic table is Handicap Accessible because it has room for a person in a wheelchair or an extra bench at the ends of the table, and because someone can sit at the ends of the benches without lifting their leg over the bench.

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    How to Build a Better Picnic Table
    Whether you're new to woodworking or building picnic tables to sell, this step by step booklet will show you how to build a better picnic table. Over 200 picnic tables using this design are built every year and I truly believe this is a better picnic table. As a woodworker when I put this booklet together it was important to me to keep it simple, yet written with enough step-by-step detail that a reader with no woodworking expereance can actually build this table.

    This picnic table design is becoming increasingly popular with Homeowners, Schools, Colleges & Restaurants, and my single bench version is being used as an outside Event Table. I truly believe that you can build this table, and that you will have fun doing it.

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    The table is designed to stand back while you cut the grass.
    In the spring & summer we have to cut the grass several times a month. This table was designed to standup out of the way and to be easy to move.

    When cutting the grass first I stand all my picnic tables on one side and I cut the whole lawn; then I flip them all to the other side and cleanup around the tables; then I flip them all down and put the mower away. It really would not be any easier to mow if I had no tables to cut around.

    Cleaning & Storage
    I also stand my tables on one side to store them for the winter. Just remember a strong wind may knock one over. To help my tables last and to help keep them clean the boards are well gaped; this allows rain water to drain through, and I build my tables with stainless steel carriage bolts and corrosion resistant deckscrews.

    Most of the wooden picnic tables you see are a copy of the original picnic table built 100 years ago. I guess no one told them it was not a great design. Some people think to build a picnic table; you just nail a few boards together. Well that's almost true but let's skip the nails, add a little bit of thought, and build a better picnic table this weekend.

    A few years ago I setout to design and build a better picnic table. The traditional picnic table is typically hard to get in and out of; it can be clumsy to move; and with most tables the legs will weaken each time you tip the table on to its side.

    When designing this picnic table I had three goals. I wanted it to be handicap accessible, to be easy to move, and to be easier to get in and out of. I accomplished all of this and more by carefully planning my unique table design.

    This picnic table is built using roughly (88) Deckscrews, (13) 2x6x8's and (2) 2x4x8's
    for normal use tables I normally use 8 carriage bolts -w- Nuts & Washers; for high traffic tables I use 16 carriage bolts.

    8ft Picnic Table and the Chicken Yard 8ft Picnic Table, trimed corners, Redwood Stain
    8ft Picnic Table, Unfinished

    If your looking to buy a Picnic Table, Park Bench or other lawn furniture, in the Central Massachusetts area, I normally build a few each Spring. You will find my contact information on the Plans & Kits page.

    4ft Park Bench
    Lots of Picnic Tables Outdoor Picnic Bar, Dark Walnut
    8ft Table with 7ft Umbrella, Top Unfinished 8ft Single Bench Picnic Table, Unfinished
    8ft Table, unfinished 4ft Table, Salad Oil Finish
    8ft Picnic Table, Unfinished
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