Almost everything I make out of wood is finished using only Oils and Beeswax

I love an oil finish on wood, its so easy and so forgiving. With most wood finishes everything has to be clean and scratch free. With Oil you can finish one project while sanding another. If sawdust gets on your freshly oiled project you can wipe it clean. Oil makes scratches look good. If you want to sand more after you oil its ok, when your done oil it again. The oily sawdust can also be used to fill nail holes. You can set your oil can on your project while your working on it. You can stop for lunch or the week and then finish oiling your project later and it does not leave a line.

Tried & True makes a safe natural and non-toxic oil & beeswax wood finish. The beeswax adds a bit of shine to your finish and helps to protect the oils.

I like to start with walnut oil. You can get walnut oil in the Olive Oil section of most grocery stores. Walnut oil does not have lead hardners like the oils at the paint store. Other kitchen oils do not dry well. Walnut oil will add a bit of color to your wood and quenches the woods thirst. I paint it on with a brush and rub it in my hands, it does not need to be thick. Let it soak in for five minutes or an hour or so then wipe it dry with rags. Over nite is ok, but not needed. Next apply the Tried & True Orignal with beeswax, put it on thin, wait about five minutes or an hour then wipe it dry with rags.

For more of an aged color I often leave my oil finished projects outside in the sun and rain for a month or so then I apply more beeswax finish.

A few years ago I was at my moms for lunch. After lunch she took the table cloth off her antique table. I was stunned. Her table looked old and brittle. The next day I returned with a bottle of Walnut Oil and a can of Tried & True Orignal with Beeswax. I walnut oiled the table. Then watched TV for a while, then I wiped it dry. It was starting to look young again. I watched TV for a while again, then applied the Tried & True orignal with beeswax. I wiped it down but not dry and then watched TV some more. Then I wiped it dry. Years later it still looks great. Mom kept my can of Tried & True Orignal with beeswax to refresh all the other old wooden stuff in her house.

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